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Acoustic Guitar Pickup Question for Live Rock n' Roll

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  • Acoustic Guitar Pickup Question for Live Rock n' Roll

    I play heavy and loud rock and roll acoustic guitar stuff (Ryan Adams, Ben Harper, Wilco)
    I have a Guild D55 with a Lyric into the Venue and its dang near perfection.
    I believe the Lyric works so well in the cannon that is my D55 because it cut out some of the overwhelming boom.
    But on my Martin D18 I put a Lyric in it and it sounded Tiny.
    So I recently found a Guild F40 that is bound to become my favorite guitar. Very even, warm and dry.
    My question is since this new Guild is roughly the same specs (Mahogany back and sides w/Spruce top) as the Martin D18
    I'm concerned the Lyric will be the wrong choice for my Guild F40 or maybe not...
    The Anthem, Anthem Sl, M80 etc all seem to have many fans. And the Lyric is to my ears still the "truest" sounding pickup I've ever heard.
    I realize there is no magic formula but committing to a pickup and installation is, well, a commitment.
    Any advice or direction would be SUPER appreciated.

    I also just purchase the Session. So yeah I'm a Baggs Man.
    Thanks in advance

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    Hey KSPeters,
    You're definitely right when you say that there is no magic formula. Everyone has their own preferences.

    I personally prefer the Anthem SL over everything else I've played, primarily for it's versatility in a wider variety of venues and playing styles. I will say though, that the Lyric is still probably the most natural sounding system to my ears, especially when paired with the right guitar and a good EQ.

    That's a tough question to answer.