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    Just installed the anthem SL and it's a definite step up from what I have! Loving it so far. I am noticing that there seems to still be somewhat of a mid range quack when I strum harder. Any recommendations for getting rid of that? Should I change positioning of the mic? Is that really what the preamps are for? And if so, which preamp would be best?

    Thank you!

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    Hey Richie,
    Re-positioning the mic may help, but it's hard to say. The Anthem mic isn't as sensitive to placement as some other mics or pickups.

    Just because it's less involved, EQ is probably the easier way to start. If you have a decent EQ, you should be able to find the more offensive frequencies in the mid-range and dial them back a bit. If that's not addressing the issue that you're hearing, then you can re-visit the idea or mic placement.