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Anthem issues - possible bad install?

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  • Anthem issues - possible bad install?

    Hi all! I have just had an Anthem installed in my Epi ej-200 (jumbo). No matter what I do (adjustments with the mic / us) I cant get usable low end from the guitar. It's very tinny. The low end that is present is all boom and feedback. I've tried using my aura preamp DI, running straight into the board, TC Helicon Play Acoustic, VoiceLive 2, eq pedals, different cables, batteries... all with the same results. Also - my output volume is very,very low. Any suggestions?

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    Hey 1975ELH,
    It definitely sounds like the installation would be the first thing to look at. Since the mic only carries sound above 250Hz, adjusting it won't effect the low end at all.

    My guess is that something in the undersaddle pickup was installed incorrectly, and the output level and the low end are suffering because of it.

    Are you able to take it to a local shop, preferably the one that installed it, to have it looked at?


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      Under saddle pickup issues as well (resolved)

      I would like to confirm Caleb diagnosis that installation issues with the UST pickup should be investigated. I had mine professionally installed and due to an un-level saddle my pickup did not work properly. In my case it was the E,B, and G strings (Strings 1,2,3) that had the problem. G was too loud in comparison with D A and E (4,5, and 6) and strings E and B (1 and 2) were lifeless if not dead to the under-saddle pickup. I did not notice at first because the trumic keys in on this frequency and would cover the lack of sound coming from the UST pickup. The root cause of the issue was my saddle not putting even pressure on the UST pickup. The bottom of the saddle must be shaped to the correct angle and flatness for your guitar's bridge slot in order to make the UST pickup work correctly. Two returns to the installation shop, a new saddle, and three sets of strings later the problem was identified and corrected.

      One quick test I did to prove out that the saddle was not applying correct pressure on the pickup was to loosen the strings, remove the bridge pins, and pull the saddle then insert a thin spacer under the saddle on top of the UST. I had some plastic spacers designed for this purpose from a guitar kit. After restringing the guitar and testing I was able to hear the entire UST pickup engage and function normally. With this in mind I worked with the installer who was able to adjust a new saddle to fix the problem.

      I hope this helps.