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Pick-up fo 7-string Nylon

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  • Pick-up fo 7-string Nylon

    Hi, I see this question was asked a few years ago but am wondering if the solution is still available. I need a pick-up for a 7-string nylon string guitar. String spread is 70mm (2 3/4"). Is there a suitable LR Baggs element? Also this is in effect an electric guitar (not acoustic guitar) with thinline body. I only want a volume control via a standard sized pot mounted on the top face. Can this be done with a single pot (what spec) or do I need a pre-amp and if so is there a compact one that can fit inside an electric guitar control cavity?

    Appreciate your assistance.

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    The Element pickup has an active sensor length of 3.4". So that should be more than enough for your 7-string guitar.

    The only Element preamps are either endpin preamps, like you would get with the EAS, or side-mount like on the Stage Pro. My guess is that the regular EAS is going to be your best bet. You can remove the stock volume control and replace it with a 25k audio pot on the outside of the guitar pretty easily as well.


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      Thanks Caleb. Much appreciated.