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Lr Baggs Anthem - Mic trim pot acting like an on/off switch

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  • Lr Baggs Anthem - Mic trim pot acting like an on/off switch

    Hi, I’m Simone from Italy.
    I just purchased a Breedlove Legacy Concert LTD with a Lr Baggs Anthem Tru-mic installed, and I’m experiencing a problem with the system.

    I think that the Tru-mic adjustment trim pot is working more like an on/off switch for high frequencies at the very end (towards the neck) than like a “volume” adjustment.
    The guitar sounded very bassy so I tried to act on the pot, but I get always the same sound form 0 to 99, and then at 100% turned up it gives me a really large amount of treble (going to immediately to feedback)

    The settings I used are:
    Blend completely turned by the mic side
    Volume full

    I have a video I made to let you hear the issue, I hope it helps to find a solution
    You should find it here:

    I contacted the support via e-mail and I'm waiting an answer
    Thank you a lot!

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    Hey ilsimo,
    My co-worker said that he received and responded to your email with some questions.

    If you get back to him, he should be able to get you sorted out.