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Using Venue D.I. with a compressor

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  • Using Venue D.I. with a compressor

    I am technically challenged to say the least, so I appreciate any help from the regulars on the forum!

    I would like to use a compressor pedal with the Venue. My compressor is an Xotic SP
    Input impedance: 1M ohm
    output impedance: 10k ohm

    Will this work with the Venue? If so, should it go before the Venue or after the Venue in the signal path?

    Also, I have a second guitar with a K & K mini pick up. I understand that pick up is not really compatible with the Venue. Would the compressor fix that if it goes first in the path? If so, would I still have any special EQ considerations?



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    Hey Larry,
    The SP is a great compressor, and it should work well with the Venue. If you are going to use the XLR output of the Venue, then you will either have to use the SP in front of the Venue or in the FX loop. Both will sounds a bit different, especially if you are using a passive pickup like the K&K. If you run the compressor first, you will probably get a tighter low end response, that sounds a lot less boomy. If you run the compressor in the FX loop, then you will likely get much more low end due to the impedance change.

    It's probably worth trying both options to see what you like better. At that point it will probably come down to personal preference anyways. I personally prefer to have the extra low end and try to EQ it down, rather than to start with less and have to boost it with the EQ.

    I hope that helps.


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      Using Venue D.I. with a compressor

      Thanks Caleb,

      I was planning to use a reverb pedal in the FX loop. If I use the compressor after the Venue, does that mean I will not have a balanced D.I. output from the Venue? Or should I route the XLR output from the venue to the compressor in that case to keep a balanced signal? I think I read that the 1/4 inch Venue is unbalanced, right?



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        The 1/4" is an unbalanced output.

        It's usually best to use compression before reverb for a natural reverb tone. So you should probably run the SP in front of your reverb in the FX loop. Then you can use the XLR and/or the 1/4" output from the Venue.