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Para DI, Acoustic Compression In Live Settings & using Para DI W/ Session DI

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  • Para DI, Acoustic Compression In Live Settings & using Para DI W/ Session DI

    Hi Baggs Community - first time poster.

    I'm no tech whizz - def need some insights where poss on a couple of queries I have re using the Para DI & compression.
    I play a 1958 Epiphone Zenith archtop - the Baggs Para DI brought it to life.

    Do Para DI users have a "mean" or "standard" setting you keep on the Para, adjusting only slightly from venue to venue? If so, do you do this via listening to monitor mix OR... do you keep yer "standard" setting on your Para & allow sound man to adjust from the board via FOH mix? What if you wish to switch guitars as I would like to from one acoustic to another i.e.) an archtop to standard dreadnought - how/where/what might you adjust...?

    Re Compression: I was considering a compressor for playing live which I understand there is a wide divergence of opinion. During my research both the Mooer Yellow Comp (owing to price) & the Barber Tone Press stood out both for being optical compressors & very transparent. Anyone else used them in conjunction w/ the Para or have any other suggestions for compressors to be used in a live setting...?

    During my research I then also discovered the existence of the Session DI!!!!

    So...has anyone used this alongside the Para DI?

    Seeing as they are BOTH DI's & both have "different uses" how are you using them in your chain?
    Do you believe in one over the other OR using them in tandem?
    As they are both DI's is it not possible to "double up" on some of the features therefore creating something that may be a bit "overkill", muddy or....
    Would your signal chain be Para to Session to mixer...?

    Insights thoughts & experience would be greatly appreciated!

    Happy Playing & Many Thanks In Advance From Belfast!
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    1958 Epiphone Zenith - KK Sound "Big Twin" pickup installed by Avalon Guitars head luthier Ernie MacMillan
    LR Baggs Parametric EQ
    Early 80's Takamine acoustic
    1980 Epiphone Casino
    Vox AC-15