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Best LR Baggs Pickup For An Archtop Acoustic

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  • Best LR Baggs Pickup For An Archtop Acoustic

    Hi Folks,

    I'm currently using a KK Sound Big Twin pickup in my 1958 Epiphone Zenith archtop, which was installed by Avalon Guitars head luthier Ernie MacMillan.

    As I use this in conjunction w/ an LR Baggs Para DI, I'm feeling like i might like to seriously consider replacing the Big Twin w/ a Baggs pickup.

    What might y'all suggest for an acoustic archtop from the Baggs line...?

    Thanks in advance

    1958 Epiphone Zenith - KK Sound "Big Twin" pickup installed by Avalon Guitars head luthier Ernie MacMillan
    LR Baggs Parametric EQ
    Early 80's Takamine acoustic
    1980 Epiphone Casino
    Vox AC-15

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    I've been wondering the same thing actually, I'm wondering if the iBeam is at all flexible, it would just fit between the braces on my archtop, but not sure it would conform adequately. Can anyone answer whether the iBeam is completely stiff or flexible at all?


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      Or perhaps the Lyric is a better choice? I saw mention of a possibility of an archtop version of the Lyric mentioned in another old thread here, anything ever come of that?


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        Sadly, LR Baggs does not have a good pickup solution for Archtop at this time. The iBeam is not flexible at all, and any any active system like the Lyric, is difficult to place in an idea spot in an instrument with very little internal access. I've seen people use the Lyric on Archtop, but in widely varying degrees of success.

        I think that the Lyric could be made to work, but it's not something that I've had quite enough time to iron out fully.