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  • Would Love to See...

    ... a magnetic and mic hybrid pickup.

    I know you have the Anthem but I am really not a fan of under saddle elements. I have tried the Element as well as the Lyric and the M80 but it looks like something similar to the Fishmann Rare Earth Blend would be the way to go. Unfortunately it looks like the Fishmann REB blends in the full spectrum with the mic rather then introducing it through the top end.

    So, any chance that LR Baggs are working on a magnetic/mic pickup? May be a three or four pole mag for the bass and middle with a mic for the treble.

    Hope I'm not asking for too much, but you already know what we're like. Always demanding 😃😃😃


    Rodney 😃

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    I don't think the product you are describing wouldn't please very many of us. The M1 had body sensitivity that was all highs and the problem was that any tapping on the guitar's body sounded thin and clicky. The M80 with it's body sensitivity that extends into the low frequencies is quite an improvement. Much of what any of us would want with a mic would be a solid low thump on any percussive playing.

    The Fishman Rare Earth Blend looks like a fine product. My issue with that pickup would be not being able to adjust the pole pieces for string to string levels.

    Have you tried an M1? It might be what you are looking for.

    Edit: changed "would" to "wouldn't" in the first line.
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      I've actually done some testing with the M1 and the M80 in the Stage Pro Anthem system, with the magnetic pickup in place of the Element. That configuration allows the mic to carry the mids and highs, while the magnetic pickup carries the low end.

      Unfortunately, the tuning in the preamp for the Element keeps the bass pretty light. However, the blend of the mag and mic was promising in certain guitars. I really can't say that any of our official engineering will go into developing this, but it's definitely a fun idea.