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Giving up on Session DI with the M80.

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  • TheBelontoKid
    That's quite a setup Rodney - it's for an acoustic right?

    I notice you have a Keeley compressor in your chain + 2 MXR EQ pedals.

    Why do you need the MXR pedals if you have the Para DI?

    Also - why not try the Session instead of the Keeley & go all Baggs?

    Thnx for the post

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  • Rodney_UK

    I have got plans to fill that empty space on the board with a reverb pedal

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  • Rodney_UK
    Hi Kingston,

    I recently switched from using the Lyric to the M80 because I couldn't get the sound I wanted with the Lyric at higher volumes.

    With the M80 I use Compression, two Eq pedals and a paraDI. I also spent some time adjusting the pole pieces on the M80, the high E is screwed down the most to reduce the metallic sound. The mid pole pieces for G, D and A are also screwed down a bit as well.

    I have tried about five Eq pedals over the last two years and at the moment I have the MXR 10 and MXR 6 on my pedal board.

    On my paraDI I have only adjusted the presence and treble controls.

    I played live the other night in quite a large venue and people who have seen me play over the last two years immediately said that it sounded way better than my previous Lyric set up.

    I also pushed the volume and gain on the desk to see where any feedback points would be. Fortunately there weren't any.

    I'll try and upload a photo of my EQ settings for you to look at. It might be worth using your SessionDI and adding another EQ pedal to go with it. I have never found a case where one pedal achieved the sound I was looking for.

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  • Lkingston
    started a topic Giving up on Session DI with the M80.

    Giving up on Session DI with the M80.

    After much messing around with my M80 pickup and the Session DI, I've given up and am selling the Session DI on eBay. The problem is that the M80 needs a big wide cut out of the low mid frequencies and the notch on the Session DI is too narrow. The bit of a boost right above and below the notch frequency doesn't help either. I just couldn't get rid of the low resonant frequencies with the Session DI. It sounded great at low volumes, but pushing it at all just gave me a mes of low frequency freedback and resonances. The saturation and EQ/compression only made the low frequency resonances worse.

    I went back to my Tech 21 Para DI which seems to correct the resonances in this pickup nicely. That or I might try a Venue.

    For anyone looking for a good deal on a Session DI, the buy it now price is $200 with free shipping on eBay. Its like new.
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