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Feedback loop created between my vocal mic and Lyric

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  • Feedback loop created between my vocal mic and Lyric

    Hi there
    I played my first solo gig since installing the lyric into my Taylor. I have played in bands with it and had no issue with feedback, but I wasn't singing with the bands I played with.
    The Lyric sounded fantastic, but I had some feedback issues that ( I believe) were caused by the Lyric and my vocal mic. I tried to get the guitar off-axis with the vocal mic ( a Rode; can't remember the model right now) by turning it, but this made it uncomfortable to play.
    Any suggestions on how yo rectify this problem?
    Thank you!

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    Hi Scotty!

    When I used a Lyric, I had similar problems. I inverted the phase on my guitar. This reduces the signal from the guitar and mic adding to each other causing feedback in some cases.

    I also turned my mic, so that the mic holder/clip was on the bottom side of the stand boom. So instead of tilting the mic top to bottom, I tilted my mic bottom to top. This helped me to reduce the amount of guitar signal getting into the mic.

    I also use pan on the desk. Guitar one way and mic signal he other. Although I always try to keep my mic signal as close to central as possible. My guitar signal pan is usually around 50%.

    When I EQ'ed the Lyric I always had trouble with 125hz and 250hz. Be careful not to push these frequencies on the guitar to far.

    Hope this helps.




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      I had a similar experience with my Rode NT1 somehow creating a muddied booming guitar sound in combination with the Lyric while recording - ie no speakers on to reinforce the room sound.

      I minimized the effect by placing the Rode NT1 horizontally with its cardioid pattern facing the ceiling and away from the guitar sound. I sang into the mic at 90 degrees to the cardioid thereby reducing bass proximity effect. The following video shows the positioning.


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        Thank you both for your assistance.
        I really appreciate it.
        Great YouTube channel Mike - it's awesome!
        All the best


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          Thank you Scotty.