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Getting ideal sound out of the Lyric

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  • Getting ideal sound out of the Lyric

    Hello there. I recently installed a Lyric into my Martin dreadnought (unsure of model but it's the full sized guitar). I'm playing through a Fishman Artist combo amp and finding that the pickup is "woofy". I'm really liking the sound of the higher frequencies, but the mids and lows are kinda nasty, the lows in particular. Even with the lows almost pulled back all the way on the amp, if I hit chords with even a moderate amount of attack, I get a lot of woof and boom, almost as if the speaker sounds like it's clipping. I have made countless subtle changes to the presence dial, which helps a little, but doesn't eliminate the idea.

    I read that microphone position isn't supposed to matter on this thing, but I'm sorta questioning that. For instance, I tried to place the mic dead center on the bridge plate between the 1st and 6th strings, but when I checked with a mirror, it's actually positioned off center towards the 1st string. Maybe it's placebo, but I hear the 1st string better than the 6th string. If a small amount of malpositioning makes the strings sound different, I wonder if there's more ideal placement of the mic all together to get the woof out.

    Has anyone experimented with mic positioning on this and had good results? If so, any recommended positions?

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    Mic placement will definitely make a difference in the tone of the Lyric. Most of the difference that you'll hear will be in the low-mids, so it definitely might be worth checking out.

    If you want to email me at [email protected], I will see what I can do to help you find the best placement for your Martin.


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      Thanks much, I sent an email.


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        With the Lyric, I found that dropping the mids helped to get rid of some of the woofieness.

        Initially I took all of the treble/presence off the Lyric with the screw next to the volume wheel.

        At higher volumes, it is difficult to get an ideal sound due to feedback, but a great sound can be achieved at lower volumes.

        An EQ pedal goes a long way in helping to get a great sound.




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          Thanks much, I sent an email.