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  • Five.0

    I just received my Breedlove tenor Ukulele back from the luthier after having the Baggs Five.0 pickup installed. I have not read a review from anyone yet so here is my two cents.
    I am using a Marshall AS100D acoustic amp. The sound quality from this Five.0 pick is spot on. I played the ukulele through an external mic then used the plugged in pick up and asked two different people standing with their back away from me and the amp to tell me what sounded better. The answer I receive is what I was wishing for. They could not tell the difference. This product was all I could have asked for.

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    Thank you for sharing this with the forum. We made a concentrated effort to tune the Five.0 so it conveys the tone and response characteristics you want to amplify.


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      Just installed Five-O... One string is louder than the rest

      My favorite music shop just installed a Five-O pickup in my baritone ukulele and the G stands out from the rest. Are there any adjustments? Should I be trying a different string... different gauge or nylon vs. wound. Tuning is D-G-B-E and I'm using Aquillas.



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        That issues is very common with undersaddle pickups. It is usually caused by the saddle or saddle slot not being perfectly flat. In some cases, there is just a splinter or bit of wood debris in the slot. If you can't locate it, I would recommend taking it back to the shop. If they need help, they can call our office at 805-929-3545 for a walkthrough.


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          Marshall AS100D? I remember using this amp with more than one acoustic and i recall never using it again because it sounded like an solid state electric amp. It was not nearly as accurate as the Behringer acoustic amp i also used.