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  • system pairing question

    I know that the imix system is sold with the iBeam and the element but I'd also like to know of any other possibilities. Also any other items that would be needed to make any of this possible. Thanks.


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    Hi Daca,

    The iMIX - - is able to use the passive M1 body-sensitive magnetic soundhole pickup - - in place of either stock pickup.

    It offers the alternative combinations of M1/iBeam and M1/Element.

    For connecting the passive M1 to either channel of the iMIX, we make and supply a short custom cable, with two components added, for optimizing the compatibility and tone of the magnetic inputting to the iMIX preamp. The cable is called M1C3. It's included when the iMIX/M1/iBeam or Element is ordered as a package or available separately for the list price of $25.