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  • A lefty

    As a lefty-player I'd like to know, if the M1 active works for me without modifications.

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    Hi Janetarzan,

    The M1 and M1Active are available with pole pieces loaded in mirror image for use on left-handed guitars. You could purchase a right-handed M1 or M1A, swap the outer pairs of pole pieces(E for E and A for B) and have a left-handed M1 or M1A.

    Left-handed use places the volume control under the bass strings instead of the treble.


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      Is the same true of the M80? I don't want to use it left handed but, in the current position, my fingers often brush against the pickup. Would reversion the poles and installing it at the bridge end of the soundhole instead of the neck end work properly? If not, I'll just learn to change my hand position.


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        Hey Lkingston,
        It does work the same way with the M80.

        Moving the pickup to the bridge side of the soundhole will alter the tone of the pickup slightly, like switching from the neck pickup to the bridge pickup on an electric guitar. However, you can try to see if that makes it easier to play. It's easily reversible if you don't like it.


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          Ok, I tried it but the bridge end of the soundhole is even worse for accidentally hitting the pickup. I'm back to the recommended positioning. I'll just adjust m y playing style.