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How to install M1 pickup

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  • How to install M1 pickup

    Hi and sorry for my english...

    I have a M1 pickup on my Aria AD-80.
    I also have the Para Di.

    well...when I play my guitar, I feel strange resonances (like two pichtes, buzz...) wich vanish, but not entirely, when I tighten more the clamps!
    I do not think that is the solution.
    I applied thin cork pads between the clamps and guitar, but nothing to do...the same problem!
    the guitar could be the cause?

    please help me,
    Thank you!

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    Hi Danilo99cin,

    One factor that can cause an unwanted response to certain frequencies or overtones is if the pickup is pushed against the soundhole edge. In some instances, it's resulted in ringing overtones, distorted response to certain frequencies or a risk of feedback that wouldn't normally be there. If it is up against the soundhole edge, and it probably is because most folks will install it that way without issue, I'd loosen the clamp screws and back it away from the soundhole edge just enough to put about 1/16" of space between the edge of the hole and the body of the pickup. In other words, the pickup should be held in by the clamps only.

    Please let us know if that has an effect on the phenomenon.