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Battery Life or Adapter for Para DI

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  • Battery Life or Adapter for Para DI

    I recently had an iBeam Active install in my Cordoba Acero D10. Apparently because of the hybrid bracing in this model I had a lot more "top" feedback than any other acoustic I've had. The Para DI solved that in one push of the invert switch. Like most really good products - it does take some time to "tune it in." I've also found it is really amp dependant - a Fender amp needs different settings than a VOX.

    While these may have been discussed before, I wondered 2 things about this box
    1 - What is the usual battery life? I practice almost daily with more before a performance. While it isn't too much trouble to put in a new 9 volt before being on-stage, I'd like to know how long a battery is supposed to last because, unlike most pedals, the Para DI doesn't sound good as the battery dies.
    2 - Other than using the "phantom power" through the XLR connection, is there any other battery eliminator that can be used? I know some of the better power supplies for pedal boards have 9 volt adapters to use with older pedals that don't have a standard 9 volt jack. I'd like to just put this on my board and hook it up but not at the expense of damage - 9 volt batteries are not that expensive. Has anyone found an adapter for the Para DI to use as a battery eliminator?

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    Hey Saransk93,
    The Para DI gets about 200 hours of plugged-in playing time. So if you should be able to get a good amount of use in between battery changes, especially if you unplug the cable from the input when you're not using it.

    As far as a power adapter, I've actually had great success with the TrueTone Battery Converter:

    If you want to see a picture of what I did with mine, just shoot me an email at [email protected]. It's a pretty simple mod.


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      Here's the image of my battery box for anyone interested.

      I notched the battery box so that it could still be used with a battery if needed. Then I used a small wood block to wedge the adapter in place.
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