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  • Anthem SL bass high

    Hello- I am noticing that the bass frequncies sound too loud and boomy on my anthem sl. Almost to the point of sounding like its a bass feedback. Is that common? Any tips on solving it? Outside of that, I love it!


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    Hey Richie,
    Do you have the pickup anchored to the top of the guitar with a wire clip? It's mentioned in the installation manual.

    If you attach the pickup wire to the guitar top, within an inch or two of where the pickup exits the saddle slot, that will keep the pickup from becoming overly microphone.


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      Hi Richie,

      If you're still monitoring this post I'm keen to know whether you got a resolution to the bass problem!?! I had my SL in a Martin but have had it transplanted into a Washburn. The bass problems that I had with the Martin have reared their ugly head with the Washburn.

      A L R Baggs Para DI fixes the problem beautifully [very impressed!], but I don't want to be stuck with using the one DI and it doesn't solve the problem if I am plugging in directly!

      To EQ the bass I am having to put in a hi-pass filter and a notch at 250Hz (somehow being generated by the bottom E string!!!). Consequently the guitar sounds like an old Takamine or Ovation... or worse!