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Need Troubleshooting Help with My LB6 Pickup

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  • Need Troubleshooting Help with My LB6 Pickup

    I can't get my LB6 Acoustic Guitar Pickup to work in my acoustic guitar. The guys at the music store can't figure it out either (I'm living in Mexico, and so they're not familiar with the brand; down here, the immediate assumption is that a device or mechanism is broken, because that happens a lot).

    Anyway, we installed the LB6 according the manual—and tried it with three types of fully shielded jacks—and ran it through my L.R. Baggs Gigpro preamp, and the pickup just won't sound.

    Sadly, my warranty is up, both with L.R. Baggs and Musician's Friend, and so it feels like I just ate $90.

    Any thoughts or advice from the forum?

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    Hey JSElmore
    Thanks for posting.

    It sounds like this may take a bit more detailed troubleshooting than can easily be done here. Would you mind sending me an email? I'm at [email protected]