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A shorted cable like sound

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  • A shorted cable like sound

    I'm getting loud shorted cable kind of sound at times while playing. Checked cable its ok even changed it. Took jack out of guitar and checked it it seems ok. I noticed it is a TRS type configuration oh yea this is a true anthem mic system.
    is there a wiring schematic for this would like to know how it is meant to function in controlling the blend of pickup and mic.

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    Hey RHarris,
    I don't have a wiring schematic that I'm able to send out, but I'll definitely try to help you figure this out.

    Have you checked the 1/8" female connection on the preamp? That's where the TRS 1/8" male plug connects to the preamp. If that connection is intermittent, it can cause some pretty crazy noises.