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  • M80

    Hey Guys,

    Thinking about purchasing an M80. Never thought I would go with a magnetic but I have just about given up fighting with feedback and pre-feedback ring (just when I think I have overcome feedback issues with a particular pickup/mic... just little nudge of the gain and 'here we go again'). So any who use the M80 or other mag can offer their 2 cents.

    I also may be interested in passive mode usage. Any problem going to a Venue of PADI in passive mode? Again thoughts would be great.

    I may be finally giving in to the dream of pure acoustic tone.

    Thanks in advance for your responses.


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    Hey Kevin,
    If feedback is your primary concern, then a magnetic pickup is a great way to go. If you pair the M80 (in active or passive mode) with the Venue or Para DI, you should be able to get a solid tone with great feedback resistance.


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      Thanks Caleb.
      Don't think I want to go the dual source route at this time. Simpler is better for me. I've been fussing with pickups for too long. Mostly, I'm wondering about the difference in tone and response between active and passive modes. I have a Venue an PADI. The volume in active mode is convenient but not necessary for me at this time. Any negatives or pitfalls in running in passive mode?


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        The big difference is that the active mode has a little bit of EQ built in already. The passive mode has no EQ.

        You can add your own EQ to either mode with the DI's, you may just need to do a little more EQ'ing to the passive signal. You may also decide that you prefer the passive mode. To each his own.


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          Thanks, Caleb.