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Acoustic > PARA DI > then into Session DI...???

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  • Acoustic > PARA DI > then into Session DI...???

    I've been doing a lot of acoustic these last few months, and I've been mainly using my LR Bags PARA DI only — but I just picked up a Session DI because I really, REALLY love the demos I've heard of the compressor. I'm planning to go acoustic > PARA DI (for EQ) > Session DI (for compression) > to desk.

    Is it "okay" to chain the PARA and the Session like this?

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    Hey railhead,
    Absolutely! Just make sure to set your gain staging correctly. Feeding a super hot signal into the Session might push the Saturation more than you want.

    If you're not using much EQ, then you may be able to get away with using the Session by itself. Just use your ears and see what you like.


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      Awesome, thanks!


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        Well Santa Claus brought the Session DI for Xmas & I also have the Para DI.

        To be honest, i've searched & searched & haven't found too many cases of people using BOTH.

        Any updates w/ any tips on how you've been getting on w/ this combo Railhead would be greatly appreciated.

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          I use venue and session together.

          Session is great but I need a EQ...

          Getting the gain on both pedals is a bit tricky but once you find the right spot, it's great.

          I run the session into the venue. Then fx loop after that..(reverb and looper)