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  • Venue DI question...

    Hello folks,

    My first post on this forum here.

    I run a session di into venue Di.

    And so far, given I get the gain setting nailed, I've been very happy with it.

    Also, I run the wet reverb and ditto looper in the FX loop of the venue Di.

    The only thing Im not satisfied with is the tuner function of the venue DI.

    I would like to add a tuner(boss TU-3s) into the chain. Preferably from the output of venue into the tuner.

    My question is, would I be able to run the tuner from the 'out' of the venue while using the XLR out to the mixer?

    And the second question, my venue has lost a screw... Would I be able to score one from LRbaggs directly?

    Thanks in advance.

    Here's my board(tuner-less at the moment) and the missing screw hole...

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    Hey Wonderfulremark,
    I actually responded to your other post about that screw. Send me an email.

    As far as the TU2 being after the output of the Venue, it will work to tune, but you will not be able to mute the signal while you tune. If you mute the Venue, it mutes both outputs. If you mute the tuner, it will not mute the XLR output. The only way you would get the mute and tune function of the TU2 would be to put the tuner in line with the rest of the signal chain.


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      Thank you.

      I can mute it from session to tune.

      But knowing I could use XLR and 1/4" out put at the same time is very good news for me.

      I'll shoot you an email regarding the screw.