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Initial Anthem SL setup

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  • Initial Anthem SL setup

    It seems like most of the techs at LR Baggs prefer the Anthem SL for players like myself who want a "plug and play", simple yet versatile pick up who may not have a ton of experience. I just got one installed and I am looking for a little guidance in regards to initial set up. Mainly, when I go to adjust the screw adjustment for the under saddle/mic blend, where do I want my controls? Does the Anthem volume control matter (in the middle, all the way up?) Do I want the gain on my acoustic amp to just start to pick up the signal or do I want it as high as possible before distortion becomes audible? Also - should set it up with finger picking, strumming or a bit of both? I assume a lot of trial and error with my specific set up is best but please give this rookie any tips if possible.

    I know these are rather basic questions and I thank you in advance for any help you can give.

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    It's better to ask a basic question and start off on the right foot than to not ask at all

    I would start with the SL volume at full. Then set your amp/speakers so that you can hear it well- not too loud or too quiet.

    Then you can adjust the mic gain so that the tonal balance sounds the most like your guitar does unplugged. I usually mute the guitar, play it acoustically, then turn it on and make an adjustment.

    I hope that helps.