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Session for Electric?

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  • Session for Electric?

    Any thoughts on how an electric guitar would work through the Session? Or even a magnetic pickup like the M80? Specifically, the Comp EQ... would those bands work equally well for electric guitar sounds?

    I have tried this some and it seems to work, going through the Session first, then through other gain stages/pedals to add more grit/compression. Interested in your opinions.

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    Hey rschultz,
    I've done some brief testing with the Session DI with my electric rig. In general, I liked the preamp tone and Comp-EQ quite a bit. The saturation wasn't quite doing what I wanted it to, but it's pretty specifically tailored for acoustics. All of those features sound great on acoustic/mag pickups like the M80 though.

    If you like the sound of the Session, there's really no reason not to use it. It's a great little unit!