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  • Hum in anthem

    Hi, I just bought and installed the anthem pickup (not the SL or Stagepro).

    I really like the sound of it, it seems to be functioning correctly. The only problem is that I get what sounds like a low 60 cycle hum. It goes nearly completely away if I touch the endpin jack or strings. But if I let off, there it is again. When playing using my Shure wireless pack there is no hum at all. It hums in more than one environment that I have checked it long as I am physically plugged into whatever system, amp etc that I'm using.

    Any help would be appreciated. I have only seen one other guy on a forum that seems to have had the same problem. Here is the link:

    No one seemed to fix his issue! I did take the strings back off and make sure the saddle was down nice and evenly on the UST. No change. I didn't think that was the problem anyway because the tone is even and nice. I was just checking because of what was posted in that forum.

    thanks and I look forward to some insight!


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    extra info

    By the way, I have tried several different cables. I have the M1A on another guitar and through the same systems using the same cables, there is no low hum....


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      Inquiry also received at [email protected]

      Suggestion to check the shielding covers on the source leads did not help isolate the hum. Arrangements made to receive the system for testing and repair or replacement.


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        did you get to fix this problem? I'm having the same exact problem on my guitar...


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          If you're having some hum issue that goes away when you touch metal in the ground circuit, definitely check the small covers on the mini-plugs where the undersaddle pickup and microphone connect to the Anthem preamp. If they are not threaded on all the way, it can expose the signal(s) to interference that is then boosted by the preamp.


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            Hey Bryan!
            Thanks for the answer. It was my bad. I was using grounded power outlets, but the cable of the charger of the laptop that was powering the audio interface was not grounded.
            I found that because i accidentally touched one of the USB ports and found out that besides the cable of the guitar, I could also break the loop there...and that got me thinking...So, I switched the charger cable to a grounded one and voilá! Hum is completely gone.
            Anyway, thank you for the prompt help! your support is indeed admirable.