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Anthem output volume increase plans?

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  • Anthem output volume increase plans?

    Hi LR Baggs!

    As I have serious intensions to put Anthem StagePro in my 2 guitars, I have only one doubt pending. My current installed full Anthem system has less than 50% output signal strenght compared to other onboard 9V preamps on the market. It results in that with the input gain full on my AER Compact XL (200W!) I cannot get signal strong enough to utilize its full master power and it behaves merely as 60W amp.The sound is still nice, of course and I checked the cables and compared it to other maker's onboard preamp.

    I presume that now I should get Venue DI or other external preamp before entering to amp. I know there is similar topic on this Forum, but, does LR Baggs somehow plans to increase the Anthem's circuitry output signal in the near future?


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    I'm sorry to say there are no plans to increase the overall output of the Anthem system.

    We acknowledge that the output, when compared to some widely used systems including a few from LR Baggs, that the output of the Anthem system is "low-ish." It's the result of the filtering used to create the custom crossover mixing circuit. To manipulate the circuit for higher output would have degraded the signal-to-noise ratio.

    You should not expect the same results when connecting an Anthem system into a signal path that is set up for a hotter signal. It can make the Anthem seem uncharacteristically weak by contrast. Instead, we recommend you start from scratch and find the best settings for the Anthem in that signal path.