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Anthem Sl vs Dual Source for nylon.HELP

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  • Anthem Sl vs Dual Source for nylon.HELP

    Hi guys,

    I'd like to buy a good amplification system for my nylon string guitar. What would you reccomand: Anthem Sl Classical Or Dual Source System?
    I don't want to make to many changes in my guitar wood. I mostly play in middle or loud performances ( with drums always), so feedback reduction is necesarrly.

    This is my guitar:

    Could you please write your oppinion?

    Thanks and greeting from Warsaw, Poland

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    Hi lochowiczk,
    If you need your system to be feedback resistant, then I would definitely recommend the Anthem SL Classical. The Dual Source mic is much more prone to feedback in loud playing situations, whereas the SL Classical mic is highly resistant to feedback at all levels.

    LR Baggs Technical Support.


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      Hi Celeb,
      thanks for your answer.
      Just one question: what about the quality? Do you think my guitar with Anthem will sound as good as with Dual Source? Or Anthem is kind of compromise?
      And what about playing quiet gigs? Is Anthem still better for it?
      One more thing: i will play my guitar with Fishmann Laudbox 100 amp.


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        In my opinion, the Anthem is the best system ever designed for acoustic instruments. I prefer it's sound quality over the Dual Source by far. The Anthem SL Classical has an extremely natural response to loud dynamics as well as quiet. The only compromise is that you sacrifice your blending capabilities, but I think that it's an easy trade once you hear the quality of the SL Classical. It should also play with your Loudbox very nicely.


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          ok, thanks. Your wer helped me a lot to decide




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            Hi Just wanted to share my experience so far with the LR Baggs Anthem SL Classical pickup. Its the best pickup I have ever used to date on nylon strings. I installed the pickup on a Lester DeVoe Flamenco Blanca guitar and its just wonderful. I've been getting great feedback on the pickup as well by others. If you want to hear a test of before and after how the guitar sounds as well as when the pick up was installed you can go to I am still blown away by how loud I can go with out feedback. Also the mic is very adjustable to your own taste. I run the output to a Apogee One, then into Pro Tools 9 and use the Waves SSL channel strip and a UA compressor, then just a bit of reverb using the Lexicon Hall setting to two QSC K8 speakers and its just great warm natural sound.
            Victor Tarassov
            Lester DeVoe Blanca & Negra, Zofia Cedar Blanca w Lyric Classicial , Córdoba 45FP with Lyric Classicial, Venue. Bose L1Sw Tone Match Mixer.


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              That's a great test!!! Thanks for posting.