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  • Choose a pickup for me


    OK, I need a pickup in a guitar for live performance. Here are my needs:

    1) Guitar is a Collings OM2H
    2) I play mostly fingerstyle (james Taylor, old folk, country)
    3) Coffee shop venue through their PA (usually a Bose)

    I want a natural sound and easy to control system.

    My guitar dealer is recomending to me the iBeam product. In reading the options here I am tempted to go with the iMix system.

    Opinions are welcome. I am off to Namm in 20 minutes so I'll return to read this in 2 days. Thanks for any help.

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    Hi Jimmy,
    The iBeam is a great pickup, for coffee shops especially, but like all Soundboard Transducers it will be somewhat feedback prone. The iMix is a little more versatile in it's usability in different playing situations. I've used the iMix for several years, and it's an excellent pickup. However, if you want the best sound for your Collings, then I would recommend checking out the Anthem or Anthem SL. I switched from the iMix to the Anthem last year, and honestly, I will never go back. The Anthem has an extremely natural sound (much like the iBeam) but without any of the feedback.

    The Anthem SL is usually my recommendation for guitars like yours, because it has an endpin preamp and a simplified control unit. So you get the full Anthem sound in a smaller footprint.

    -Caleb E.
    LR Baggs Tech


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      Thanks Caleb. I just got home from a party in Burbank over the NAMM weekend and I'm shattered and exhausted. I'll read and comprehend your suggestion probably tomorrow when my brain works again. In the meantime I need to find out if my dealer has the Anthem SL in stock or needs to order it. He usually stocks the iBeam but I don;t know about the Anthem products.


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        OK, a good nights sleep and I can think again. I am going to have my dealer order the Anthem. I like the idea of controlling the mix and the battery check. Thanks again.