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Lr Baggs' M1 Active, a professionnal pickup ?

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  • Lr Baggs' M1 Active, a professionnal pickup ?


    My name is Jerome, i am french so sorry for my very bad english.
    I bought a M1 Active for my Martin D-16 because i wanted to have the best sound possible for this great guitar. I got it in october and since a couple of weeks an occassional problem occures. It suddently sounds as if it was out of phase or far away in a tunnel. I had a really important gig in Paris last week, at the Gibus, and when i started all was okay but after one song or two my sound became weak, out of phase, it was awful. It ruins my whole show and i am so disappointed. I put my trust in that pickup and i wonder if i made the good choice. A friend of mine play with a shadow, all works perfectly and he didn't spend about 200 € for it (that's the price of the M1 in France). So i was about to buy the lr baggs venue to complete my equipment but i've got serious doubts about the fiabilty of this equipment.

    I truly love the lr baggs' sound but if it doesn't work when i truly need it ...

    Thank you.


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    Hello Jerome,
    It sounds to me like the M1A that you currently have is faulty. The out-of-phase sound is a sign of an issue with pickup itself. I would recommend returning it to the store that you bought it from, and possibly getting a replacement.

    LR Baggs Tech Support


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      Thank you for your advice. I return it this morning. Let's see what happens