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Original Duet info required

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  • Original Duet info required

    I have just purchased an old guitar which has an original duet pickup (at least it is not a Duet 11). Does anyone have a copy of the manual, as it is different to the manual available on this site? I am particularly interested in:
    1. the action of the battery LED - mine comes on for a while after the jack is inserted, then goes out - the 2 batteries seem to have about 50% power left.
    2. The mix-pickup knob doesn't really have any affect, though there is a clear change in sound when the mic is switched on is this correct?
    3. the available output(s) at the jack, I think it is a stereo output.

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    Hi Nick,
    The tech with info on the Duet has been out for a few days. I am sorry for the wait and will have him get to your question right away once he is in.



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      Hi Nick,

      I have a jpeg of the original Duet manual. Please send a request for it to [email protected] and I'll send it right away.

      It has been so long since we produced the Duet that we can scarcely remember how the red LED circuit functions. We believe it comes on briefly when you first plug in to show you it's working. Then, it should begin to blink to indicate the battery is getting weak and should be changed.

      Does your Duet have two extra wires not connected to the output jack? If so, the existing connection to the output jack provides for blended MONO output. If you wanted to split the signals for separate processing, there was an option called the "Full Access" that came with a special 5-pin output jack and a break-out box for all options - blended mono plus separate pickup and mic outputs.