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Venue DI for violin - questions

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  • Venue DI for violin - questions

    I'm a violin performer and I'm about to buy the venue di to put into my rig.

    I have this current set up:
    acoustic violin with a fishman pickup that makes me always concerned about feedback when I on stage.
    orange guitar amplifier
    pedal effects: reverb, delay, tremolo, phaser.

    I would like to know few things:

    Venue DI: will the feedback nocth solve my serious feedback issues?
    Veneu DI: where should I put the VDI in my chain? VIOLIN > VDI > PEDALS > AMP/PA? How to use de effects loop of VDI and my AMP?
    Venue DI: does VDI solve 60hz and 120hz HUM/noise issues?
    Does LR Baggs produce low feedback pickups for violins?


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    Hi Eddie,
    The Venue has an excellent Notch filter that will really help you cut down on your feedback issues. There are also pretty extensive EQ controls to help you shape your sound, and the Ground Lift feature should get rid of any ground level hum.

    The Effects Loop is very helpful for instruments with passive pickups because it allows you to get Gain before your pedals. This means that all of your pedals will be working at their optimum levels.

    LR Baggs does make a Violin pickup, and it is considered to be one of the most highly feedback resistant pickups around. So I can't do anything but recommend it. But I do think that the Venue is going to give you what you need at the current time.

    -Caleb E.
    LR Baggs Tech