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    So how do you cut the mids? How do you cut that frequency. Is it the notch knob,the ABCD knob or the KHZ knob or ????
    I see this mid cut comment often for around 1.5 but do not understand. Just what is with the two offset knobs and how do they work?

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    On the Para DI you can reduce (cut) the mid-range frequencies with the Mid knob and the "KHZ" knob. If you want to cut the mids at 1.5k then you will want to set the "KHZ" knob just before the 1.6 mark and after the 1.2 mark. Then you can "Cut" that frequency by adjusting the "Mid" control towards the left (towards the -). The "KHZ" knob selects the frequency that the "Mid" knob adjusts.

    The "Notch" works in the same way, but instead of listing specific frequencies it lists "G A D B". These letters correspond to the strings on an acoustic guitar where feedback commonly occurs.


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      Makes sense and works too. There it was that awful (for acoustic) tone and now I can spin it away.
      Thanks much.


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        What is the approximate range of mid range frequency?
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          Hi Ben,
          The mid range is sweepable from 400 Hz to 1.6 kHz.