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Bose L1 compact experience

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  • Bose L1 compact experience

    Hi all,

    Just got to try the Bose L1 compact with my imix (ibeam/element) and venue di.
    It was amazing! Better than any acoustic amp i have used but I will admit that i haven't used the a-ref yet and would love to try it in the future. the L1 made me appreciate my imix even more!

    Any comments on the L1?

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    Hi Loren,

    Not much in the way of comments. The Bose L1 systems are very nice and used by many players to amplify LR Baggs pickup systems.


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      Hi Bryan,

      Hope to one day get the chance to try the a-ref. Are they sold in guitar center? The reason i ask as i live in the Philippines and may be travelling to the US in the middle of this year. Would love to try one out.




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        Hi Loren,

        I'm sorry to say the Acoustic Reference Amplifier has been discontinued.


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          what's the story on the amp??

          Originally posted by Bryan McManus View Post
          Hi Loren,

          I'm sorry to say the Acoustic Reference Amplifier has been discontinued.
          Hi Bryan,

          Interesting, maybe this is why Mike is not taking or returning my calls.
          So what's the story Bryan?
          Fred in Grenada


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            Hi Fred,
            Sorry you haven't been able to reach Mike. He's been extremely busy with Marketing stuff, so he's been unavailable on the phone. I'm sure Christian in Sales can help with anything you usually get through Mike.

            As far as the Amp goes, we came to a point where we needed to re-order some major parts. So we decided to discontinue the Acoustic Reference out of a desire to pursue new areas of development.

            -Caleb E.
            Tech Support.


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              I have an L1 Compact with the T1 Tonematch Generator add on. The presets for the ibeam active are amazing!