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What is the benefit of the FX Loop on a Para Acoustic D.I.?

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  • What is the benefit of the FX Loop on a Para Acoustic D.I.?

    Hello Everyone -

    I don't know why this is hitting me know but I have been using my PARA D.I. for some time now and wanted to start to really understand what I had.I was attempting to mod the battery compartment to be AC Adapted and that didn't work out like I wanted it to and that is how I ended up at this forum. For years I have run from my Taylor 314CE Special Edition to my Boss TU-2 then to my HolyGrail reverb then to BBE Sonic Stomp and then to the PARA D.I. Only last week did I realize that this might not be accomplishing what I wanted. Why would one use the FX Loop? Would I loose my "mute" capability for tuning on the FX loop and where should my BBE Sonic Stomp compression go in the mix of all this. Thanks to all of you who take time to respond.

    - A very happy LR BAGGS user.

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    The best reason to use the Para DI's FX Loop is so the gain before overdrive can be optimized before the signal is sent to the effects. Digital effects are going to respond best to the strongest signals and the FX Loop is immediately after the input/gain stage. You might find that the effects devices have a better effect on the signal when gain on the signal is optimized beforehand.