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  • M-80 Pickup Question

    Would you be able to remove the new M-80 Soundhole Pickup when not in use similar to what to the Sunrise is? Would that be the pickup system be the one you would recommend for playing in a band situation to get the most volume before feedback? I also have the Baggs Para EQ DI Box. I was also considering a the Anthem SL system but the new M-80 looks intriguing. Thanks!

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    The M1 and M80 are removable just like the Sunrise pickup. You can either choose to install the jack permanently, or you can run a cable out of the soundhole for a temporary installation.

    The M1 is our most feedback-resistant pickup, but the M80 is a very close second. I use an Anthem on my main guitar, and I absolutely love it. I also had a chance to play the M80 with a full band, and it is definitely one of the best pickups I have ever heard. It's very natural, even compared to non-soundhole pickups. I still love my Anthem, but the M80 is definitely the best pickup for the easiest installation.

    Caleb E.
    LR Baggs Tech Support


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      Yes, I thought you might mention those 2 options. However, I had my Sunrise set up with a mini plug from the pickup then going to a mini jack connected the main jack which is held in place inside the guitar with Velcro. That's the standard set up and it works very well.

      Is the Anthem SL fairly feedback resistant in a live band situation also?

      Thanks for the info!


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        I use the Anthem with a pretty loud full-band, and floor monitors, and I've never had feedback problems.

        Caleb E.