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  • LB6 and end pin pre-amp

    Considering having a LB6 pick-up and end pin pre-amp installed on my Martin 000-28EC. I don't intend on playing out per would be used primarily for personal use, or possibly the occasional coffee-shop type setting. I'm assuming I can go direct into the amp with this set-up without the need for an additional pre-amp? I also like the "M1" pick-ups, but for strictly cosmetic reasons would prefer something concealed. Any opinions on this set-up for my intended use would be appreciated...thanks in advance.

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    Hi Dr Ptak,

    The LB6-series pickups are all 1/8" wide and would require the saddle slot of your Martin 000-28EC to be milled to the wider dimension.

    If you only plan to play plugged in periodically and will play the guitar unplugged most of the time, I'd like to lean you toward the body-sensitive magnetic soundhole pickups for the following reasons:

    1. The LB6-series requires modifying the guitar's bridge to install it.

    2. Using an undersaddle pickup will have some effect on the acoustic properties of the instrument and I would more highly recommend it if you planned to play plugged in more than you would unplugged.

    3. The M1, M1Active and M80 body-sensitive magnetic soundhole pickups are all removable so you can have a fully acoustic guitar most of the time and install the pickup whenever you want to amplify.

    Please reply if you have further questions.
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      Thanks Bryan...that makes alot of sense and I will give your recommendation some serious thought. Question...does the LB6 have any adverse affect on acoustic properties of the guitar? Also, if done by a qualified Martin repair tech or luthier, is there any disadvantage to widening the saddle slot?

      Thanks Again,


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        Hi Dale,

        The LB6 should have no adverse affect on the acoustic properties. There should also be no disadvantage to widening the saddle slot. The wider saddle slot, if centered over the original position, offers 1/3 more front-to-back range for intonation, if needed.

        The most you should detect, and it's not certain that you will, is a very subtle change caused by switching to the LB6 from whatever material your original saddle is made of.
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          Thanks again Bryan! With that info, I've decided to go with the LB6. I have a great guitar repairman/tech who has installed a number of them, so I'm confident it will be installed perfectly. I'm sure it will sound great in my Martin. If it's good enough for Vince Gill, Phil Keaggy, and JT, it will certainly be good enough for me!