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    Originally posted by 6stings2 View Post
    Have an odd problem. My primary guitar was smashedc by a baggage contrainer -dont fly united!

    I have a luthier making me a new guitar but still have several months to wait. I picked up a Martin GPCPA3 to do some gigging but have an Aura DI already.

    By not turning on the onboard imaging on the Martin, I assume that Im getting the best sound quality out of the Aural. However I want to make sure there is nothing I need to do to deconflict the somewhat wheezy onboard Martin F1 from the full up Aura imaging box. Im not seeing its image on the software. I assume that means its technically optimized by the F1. However the sound Im getting from the full box is far better. Which way do I go?
    Hi 6stings,

    I'm unable to comment on the Aura product as they are not made by LR Baggs. You should be able to find information and support at

    On the subject of United airlines and damaged guitars, Dave Carroll's response to his experience with United has cost them dearly.
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      Hi Bryan (or Caleb)....quick question regarding installation of the Anthem System. I have an Anthem system on order....I'm going to check it out on my Martin HD-28. What bridge saddle material do you recommend for this installation? The guitar came with a bone nut and saddle, but I can easily cut a Tusq saddle. Would that be better than bone for the UST?
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        Hi GereldG,
        I prefer bone for use with any Element equipped system. I've done several Anthem installs now, and bone has almost been the best in every situation. However, in some cases bone does not capture the exact tone of the guitar, so tusk or micarta usually work as an alternate. I would definitely try using both and seeing which one fits your guitar's tone the best.


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          Hi Gerald,

          I can add to what Caleb said regarding saddle material. Bone is the most preferred saddle material but, because it's organic, can have variations in its grain density that affect how string energy is conducted to the soundboard. Where it may not be detected acoustically, bone saddles on undersaddle pickups can result in a string-to-string imbalance. Cutting an identical saddle from a different piece of bone will most often correct a balance issue though in some cases it can cause a different imbalance. It's difficult to know ahead of time.

          Micarta and Tusq are man-made to simulate bone and are of very consistent density throughout. Micarta is a bit softer and a little easier to work with, filing and sanding and such. On the other end, Tusq is reasonably harder, takes a bit more elbow grease to shape and makes for a slightly brighter tone.

          Bone and Micarta are Lloyd Baggs' preferred saddle materials.


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            Thanks, Guys! That helps. I'll just start out with the bone saddle and if that doesn't work, I'll cut a micarta saddle, and then move to Tusq if the micarta doesn't work. Cutting a saddle is no big deal.


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              Hello! I damaged the Ribbon Transducer in 5 string, acoustic bass guitar - Godin A5 fretted. It consists of two parts of lengths 43 and 57mm. First takes the signal from 2, next from 3 strings. Your dealer in Poland claims that you do not offer this pickup so I'm writing directly to you. Can you help me somehow?



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                Hi Ptaszyma,

                Ribbon Transducers, while no longer part of our promoted product line, are still available as replacements. Please contact me at [email protected] or at 805-929-3545, ext. 111, for more info or to order the part(s).


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                  Possible faulty iMix Pre-amp?

                  I had a new iMix system installed in my custom guitar which I purchased in July 2011 and there seems to be a problem with the gain pot on the pre-amp. The manual states that in order to balance the output of the element and the iBeam, the gain adjustment should be used to vary the iBeam output. When I try to do this on my guitar, the gain adjusts both the iBeam and the Element pickup. I am also experiencing some distortion when the volume is turned up. I think there may be a problem with the pre-amp. Do you have any suggestions?



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                    Hi Hooty,

                    By that description, it sure sounds like a problem. To confirm that, it would be good for us to have the preamp in for testing and repair or replacement.

                    If you have further questions or would like to arrange to send it in for service, please contact [email protected] or 805-929-3545, ext. 111.


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                      Hello! Will you answer a couple of questions, please? I want to buy a piezo-pickup for electric guitar with Ctrl-X preamp. If a battery needs only for this piezo-pickup or magnetic pickups will not sound too with the run-down battery?
                      And here is the second question. I can't use the L. R. Baggs X-Bridge piezo-pickup because I have Fender Mexican Strat with another distance between strings and between screws than one on American Strats. Even screwing new holes in the guitar body can't solve the problem because mexican necks has smaller width than american, so the strings will be too close to the edge of the neck. But can I use the Graphtech Ghost saddles with piezo-pickups connected to the L. R. Baggs X-Bridge preamp? If yes, do you know about possible features of installing or sound of this configuration? I don't want to use the Graphtech AcoustiPhonic preamp because it needs a battery even for using magnetic pickups, it's very bad for me.


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                        Hi Anton,

                        I confirmed that a guitar with a piezo bridge and the CTRL-X will pass magnetic signal if the battery dies or is removed. Only the piezo signal will be affected.


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                          Thank you!
                          And what about the possibility of using Graphtech Ghost piezo pickups with L. R. Baggs Ctrl-X preamp? Can you say something about it?


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                            Hi Anton,

                            The CTRL-X was designed to apply a nominal +3dB of gain to the piezo signal by the presence of the FET transistor at its input. The piezo pickup needs to be of relatively high output(like that of the LR Baggs X-Bridge or T-Bridge signals) so it can be attenuated, if necessary, to match the level of the magnetic pickup(s).

                            I'm fairly certain the Ghost pickups should be of high enough output for compatibility with the CTRL-X.


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                              Thanx a lot! )


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                                HI Bryan. My 9 volt battery for my older godin LRBaggs 12 string has come unsoldered from the circuit board on the top of the guitar. Where on the board do I raattach the - and +? Thanks, Adrian