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M1a Cable Placement?

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  • M1a Cable Placement?

    Hi guys,

    I just installed a M1a in my Martin, having had one installed professionally in my J45.

    As the martin had already had a pickup installed I fitted it myself as I didn't need to ream the endpin out, but I noticed that I've attached the cable clips quite low on the sides of the guitar and the wire can touch the back of the guitar. On my J45 the cable is probably midway up the sides of the guitar.

    I don't know if the cable has any effect on the sound - does it really matter where it is, and should I detach the cable ties and move them up a bit or leave it as it is?


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    not sure if I've explained this very well...

    The cable clips on my j45 are midway between the back kerfing and the top of the guitar, on my OM28 I've ended up sticking them a bit lower so the cable is basically running along the kerfing. The guitar is also smaller so there is some excess cable that is touching the back of the guitar.

    I plugged into my electric amp and there seemed to be more handling noise with the OM, but then it is a more responsive guitar anyway...


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      The cable that comes with the M1 is pretty small, so it's placement anywhere won't do too much to the sound of the guitar. Using the cable ties on the sides of the guitar will probably give you the least amount of tonal damping overall.


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        How long is the cable? I'm thinking of getting an M1A for my Martin 000-15S.
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          The length of the cable (minus the jack) is 24" long.


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            Thanks for the reply - I was more concerned about whether the cable itself adds any noise to the pickup output if it rattles around....


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              Jack, What model Martin? I have one on order for my 000-15S.
              "He Who Sings, Prays Twice."