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Anthem vs. Anthem SL String Noise

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  • Anthem vs. Anthem SL String Noise

    I have had several LR Baggs systems installed in the past month. My previous experience with plugged in acoustics was with a number of different Taylors.

    The first LR Baggs install was a Anthem installed in a Collings OM2. The 2nd was a Anthem SL in Koa Collings OM1. I spent some time today with the 2 guitars, both played through a Schertler Unico Classic Amp. I noticed that the Anthem SL had a great deal of string noise from fingerstyle playing with the amp equalizer settings at neutral.

    I then used a small screwdriver and backed the SL's microphone output to zero, which greatly improved the string noise. With the mike backed off, the piezo was the only sound transducer, but still sounded very good.

    So the technical question, with the SL's microphone set to zero, is that the same as the Anthem with the second dial rolled all the way to the piezo pickup. In other words, with the SL mike backed off (via the screw) and the Anthem mike distribution dial rolled off, is the sound expected to be the same? Would there be any advantage to switching out the SL for the Anthem?

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    The Anthem mic in the Anthem system is never fully cut out of the signal when the blend is set to the undersaddle side. The mic will always be carrying the high frequencies. The blend only controls which source carries the bulk of the mid-range.

    The SL has a preset blend where the mic carries most of the mids. So cutting out the mic on the SL with the mic gain will cause a complete loss of all high's and most of your mids. This frequency loss can make your guitar sound muddy in a lot of situations, so it's not something that I would recommend. Instead, I would try increasing the mic gain slightly, and cutting the "presence" on your amp or preamp. This should cut some of the string noise without sacrificing the tonal balance.

    If you are still not satisfied with this sound, the regular Anthem will give you the control over the string noise in the upper mid's that you are looking for.

    -Caleb E.
    LR Baggs Tech.