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  • iBeam concerns

    I just ordered the iBeam for my Taylor 310c acoustic guitar. I wanted the iMix, but couldn't afford it at this point so I went with the iBeam. In reading reviews today I've discovered that some have had a problem with feedback. I lead worship at church and do mostly strumming with a pick. We have a full band including keys, electric, bass, drums, background vox etc. Should I be concerned? Are there any suggestions for getting around this if it is an issue?

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    The iBeam is a Soundboard Transducer, and like all SBT's, it is prone to feedback at the guitar's top resonant frequency. This is not a huge problem when playing at quieter volumes, but playing with a full band usually requires a good EQ (preferably with a Notch filter) to get the best sound. Even then, you can still be vulnerable to some feedback. Something like the Para DI or Venue would be ideal for use with the iBeam.


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      I have an I beam,(Passive), and use a Para DI with no problems. Unless the sound guy forgets to mute my guitar when I leave it on the stand.
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        I got it and installed it in the same day. I've been using it for about two weeks now and could not be happier. Thanks again.