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Tru-mic placement question

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  • Tru-mic placement question

    I'm about to install an Anthem SL into my Larrivee OM-03R. The instructions show the tru-mic placed between the bridge plate and the sound hold. That area is very small on my guitar. In fact, the bridge plate ends just before the X braces intersect making an uneven surface.

    Question: Is it OK to install the tru-mic on the bridge plate, but between the bridge and the end of the guitar? In other words on the outside of the string pin holes rather than on the inside?

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    The Anthem mic is very friendly to placement. The recommended placement is for maximum direct sound, so placing it on the back side of the bridgeplate will work just fine.

    I've installed the Anthem on a lot of guitars where there was limited space on the bridgeplate, and the end result has always been satisfactory.

    Caleb E.
    Tech Support