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Ctrl-X Push-Pull instead of push button for stereo/mono

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  • Ctrl-X Push-Pull instead of push button for stereo/mono

    Hi, could the Ctrl-X preamp be wired with a push-pull pot controlling the stereo/mono selection instead of the default push button? Looking to minimise drilling on my guitar and keep as stock a look as possible. Thanks!

    Also, how about a 3-position rotary pot instead of the 3-way toggle to control mag/blend/piezo?
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    Hi Mero,

    I suppose it's possible to replace the plunger switch with the push/pull function of a pot, as long as the push/pull has the same six contacts as the plunger switch does, as each position connects two pairs of contacts. The 3-way mini-toggle could also be replaced with an alternative switch interface, as long as it is a 3-position DPDT switch usable as ON-ON-ON.
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      A white slide switch might be neat, too (on a white pickguard). It would take more pickguard surgery, but it would reduce the risk of inadvertently flipping the switch while strumming hard.


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        Hi Bryan, got another question

        The 9-lug stereo jack that came with the Ctrl-X unfortunately doesn't fit in my guitar. It's drilled with a 1/2 inch diameter hole, for a deep panel jack, like below


        I do have this stereo deep panel jack (, but it won't be able do the battery-switching function since there are only 3 lugs

        Short of enlarging the hole to fit the ctrl-x jack (which I'm trying to avoid since the guitar is finished), are there any deep panel jacks that will work just as well? How about this Fishman jack with 4-lugs?



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          Hi Mero,

          The jack in the link will work since it has 4 conductors. LR Baggs offers one like it - we call it the Strapjack Plus - in a gunmetal finish with a rustic bronze finish on the strap button. Functionally, however, they are the same product.

          A 3-conductor jack, like the Warmoth unit you mentioned, will also work if you're willing to use the CTRL-X in mono mode only. The Ring contact is only needed for signal if you plan to use stereo output mode. In mono mode, the ring contact can be the power switch.
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