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X-Bridge and flatwounds?

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  • X-Bridge and flatwounds?

    Hi folks... first post here.

    I was wondering whether anyone had tried using the X-Bridge (with a Ctrl-X) with flatwound strings. Would it sound any different than roundwounds?

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    The X-Bridge, with or without the CTRL-X, should work fine with flat-wound strings. They should have the same tension as round-wound strings, only smoother.


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      Thanks Bryan. What I was wondering was whether they'd sound any different than roundwounds. Any thoughts?


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        It has been a long time since I used flat-wound strings on a guitar. If I recall, flat-wound strings have a mellower tone with a little less crispness to the attack and a bit less sustain I think. You will also have a lot less finger-squeak from sliding your hand over the length of the string.

        If any other members have any experience with flat-wound strings, please comment. It's been 20 years since I used them on an old arch-top acoustic I owned at the time.
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          I guess I'll just have to give it a shot. The reason I asked first is that I seem to recall your advising someone that string gauge wouldn't make much difference (except in output), so it got me wondering about string type. In any case, I do appreciate your input.


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            Please feel free to post your findings here if you do it. I'll be interested in knowing how it goes.