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Venue DI -- Why no compressor??

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  • Venue DI -- Why no compressor??

    I've been looking into various preamp-DI box options for an acoustic guitar and have essentially narrowed down the search to the Fishman Aura Spectrum DI and the Baggs Venue DI. To be honest while Fishman makes great stuff I'm not really that interested in the Aura technology -- I'm happy with the basic sound I have now -- but the Aura DI has a single-knob compressor that would be very handy in many instances. In comparison the Venue DI has other plusses like two sweepable mid EQs, the boost button, and the ground-loop isolation. So my question is, given that Baggs certainly knows the benefits of audio compression why is there not one on the Venue? Too expensive on a box that's already on the spendy end of the price-point spectrum? Too complex to do it right? --To be honest I'm not certain how well the single-knob function works after all. Just curious. Thanks in advance.

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    Hi dbriar,

    Thanks for asking. It may have been discussed whether or not to incorporate a compressor but, in the end, we included the features we thought would be most useful to the largest cross-section of amplified acoustic players. It was also likely influenced by the space available, both inside the unit as well as on the control layout.


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      Bryan -- thanks for the info. Yea I know -- give the customer the most full featured single box on the market and they'll still want more. Still, it would be a nice feature to have when I'm not running through the mixer but then again I wouldn't choose to drop any of the other features either so I'll make do. Thanks!