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Imix pairing of Ibeam and M1 possible?

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  • Imix pairing of Ibeam and M1 possible?

    Hi All,

    Would appreciate some input. I am thinking of either getting the M1 or the element to pair with my Ibeam active. I also use the Venue DI and Feedback Master. I am kinda leaning towards the M1 because there is no drilling involved. I know the element is paired with the Ibeam ala Imix but wanted to know if I could also pair the M1 active with my Ibeam via the Imix? Would both work with the Imix preamp pin? I plan to use them in stereo, M1 via Venue DI and the Ibeam through the feedback master. Another question is what is the feedback rating on the M1? I was hoping it would carry me through a very loud band. Opinions too on the sound of the M1 vs the element would be great. Thanks in advance! Oh, yeah, been an LR Baggs fan for a very long time now, love the new forum/fan site!


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    Hi loren. It is very possible. In fact we installed this same set up on tom pettys guitars. They sound amazing. Check out his videos on our youtube channel to get an idea. A feedback buster might be needed if you mix toward the ibeam more and play at high volumes. Also, note that only the passive m1 can connect and that it requires a m1c3 cable. You will need to solder your ibeam to miniplug. The best thing to do is buy a complete imix/m1/ibeam and install your ibeam active in another guitar or sell it. I like your stereo idea with the venue and feedback master, but the notch on your venue is the same as the feedback master. Maybe run a mono out to just the venue. This way your ibeam can enjoy some classy venue eq. Thanks for joining.


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      HI Michael, Thanks for your reply. Just a few quick questions 1. What is an m1c3 cable? I mean if I use the M1/Imix with the Ibeam, planning to use in mono with the Venue DI or in stereo (venue/M1 and Ibeam/feedback master) will this be a problem? Does the Ibeam require a different cable type from the M1? I was hoping both could be routed out via the preamp pin either mono or in stereo and not the M1 cable coming out of the sound hole. 2) Was planning on using the M1 for loud band settings (with the Ibeam set just to the point where it doesn't feedback or turn it off for the loud band setting, thus just using the M1), how does the M1 hold up? 3) Will the new Ibeam in the Imix/M1/Ibeam package be active or passive? 4) Is the mini plug you mentioned the preamp endpin on my Ibeam? 5) the M1/Ibeam/Imix package is a custom package if I understand it correctly, how and where can I order this? Thanks in advance!


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        Hi Michael,

        Just letting you know, that I think I may end up getting the Imix (with the Element and Ibeam) set up in the end. My local luthier highly recommends this set up for me and so will go with that. Am also getting a Para DI for the Ibeam (for the Eq and XLR output) and will use my Venue with the Element this way I can keep separate mixes for each pick up. My question now is, how and where do I get the Y cable?


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          Hi Loren,

          You can order the Y Cable from the luthier or dealer that you are purchasing your imix and Para DI. Let me know if there is any trouble.