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Do the hex pickups work with the control X

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  • Do the hex pickups work with the control X

    My project is an electric with acoustic spacing 2,25, and sound, this seems to be a good way to get there, or an lb6x with the control x? The neck pickup will be a standard electric humbucker.
    Thanks for the help.

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    Hi Rob,

    The Hex Pickups will work with the CTRL-X and can be blended with a magnetic signal through the CTRL-X.

    I am compelled to mention that the Hex Pickups will be discontinued within the year.

    The LB-Series pickups(LB6, LB6x and LB12) have two of the six sensors wired out of phase from the other four. When mixed at equal level with another pickup, you will encounter some phase inversion between two or four of the LB-Series pickup and the other pickup.


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      Will there be a replacement for the hex? Any suggestions for the wider spacing?


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        Hi Rob,

        I'm sorry to say there are no plans to offer a direct or similar replacement for the Hex Pickups. I do not have a viable recommendation for pickup of sufficient output to pair with a magnetic in the CTRL-X circuit.

        As long as the piezo pickup is considered to be "high output" as a passive source, it should be able to balance with the magnetic when connected to the CTRL-X. Ceramic-type piezo sensors are commonly higher output than film-type sensors.


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          It is hard to tell from the pictures, but can I just use the 6 pieces of the T bridge in my own bridge? My plan is to make a bridge slot wide enough to span the needed compensation, then inset 6 blocks with grooves for the pickups routed. Each block then will have its bottom cut for the needed height.


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            The T-Saddles are actually T-shaped because the shoulders need to rest on the rails in the Tune-O-Matic bridge frame. They could be applied to an acoustic guitar style bridge with some very custom work. Would the guitar in question not be compatible with the T-Bridge as a complete entity? Is it a solid body guitar?


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              As it works out, I am a very custom sort of woodworker. I am willing to give it a try, since it is T shaped, I can glue two C shapes together to make a stick with arectangle center, then cut to length.

              My whole goal here is string spacing, I want an electric with an acoustic spacing and tone. It is a solid body, if I could do the T bridge with 2.25 spacing I would be on it in a minute. I have TOM type height with the neck angle, so it will be more of an archtop style bridge, and I don't mind if the bridge ends up a little big.

              I will try to speak with some one tomorrow and get this rolling.


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                Thanks for clarifying. I forgot you wanted a wider spacing.