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  • Micro EQ + HEX

    The HEX Acoustics Transducer is compatible with MicroEQ Preamp!?

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    The Hex Pickups are compatible with the MicroEQ preamp when attenuated with the 6800pF capacitor. The MicroEQ has a gain structure tuned for the Ribbon Transducer(RT) pickup. The RT pickup is the lowest output of any pickup LR Baggs ever made and so the MicroEQ has some of the highest gain applied to the input signal. The Hex are a hotter passive signal which would overdrive the input of the MicroEQ preamp unless they are attenuated.

    *this question also received and answered via email.


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      Hello, the transducer in my MicroEq is damage and need a replacement. Can you help me please?


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        Originally posted by Rastaal View Post
        Hello, the transducer in my MicroEq is damage and need a replacement. Can you help me please?
        The pickup used with the Micro EQ has been discontinued for quite a while now. If your pickup has gone bad, replacing it with the Element pickup should be a decent option. If you talk to your local LR Baggs dealer, they should be able to order you an Element pickup for your Micro EQ. It's not something that we usually do, but if the Micro EQ is still working well, you should be able to just upgrade the pickup.


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          Thanks for the reply. I was checking and only found the full Element system kit. Is it possible to purchase only the transducer? Should I talk with a distributor for that?
          thanks very much.

          edit: would it work any transducer ribbon conected to the preamp? cheers!
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            The Element should be purchasable as a custom part by a dealer or distributor.

            You can try other pickups- they shouldn't hurt anything. My guess is that other pickups might be a little too hot for that preamp, causing it to overdrive or distort.


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              Thanks a million Caleb. I went to my local shop and they will help me with that.
              You've been very helpful! Cheers