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What's inside my guitar???

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  • What's inside my guitar???

    I have a unique semi-hollow electric guitar that's been my primary instrument for 10 years running. It has built-in Baggs electronics, but when I received it both the creator and (only) buyer were deceased. There was no one for me to address questions, and I wasn't about to tear the thing apart (then or now).

    The only clue I have is a plate that can be laid across the controls bearing the LR Baggs trademark and the words "Deluxe Acoustic Equalizer". I looked through the catalog but couldn't identify the component, although it's reminiscent of an iMix. The interface has low/mid/hi, variable mids (.4k to 1.6k) and presence, as well as volume and a battery LED (it takes a 9V).

    Over the years I've gained some expertise with the electronics, but now I'd like the instruction manual. Can anyone help me unlock the full potential of my guitar?


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    Hi StopThat,

    Here is the link to the install/user's guide for that system:


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      Thanks Bryan; I'm grateful.

      I have more questions now I'm hoping someone can help with. Is it correct that the DA/EQ was intended for installation into an acoustic guitar? If I don't have Hex or LB6 pickups it's interacting with one or both EMG's right? The knob closest to the "butt end" of the guitar has three positions which apparently govern how much of the DA/EQ output is included in the final output (none, mix, all). Since the configuration is so odd I need to understand what's inside the realm of possibility. Are there any pictures of the components in the package I could get my eyes on? How about logical / wiring diagrams?



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        Hi StopThat,

        The Deluxe Acoustic EQ(a.k.a. Deluxe Acoustic Preamp or DAP) is a single-channel unit that serves the LB-Series or Hex Pickups most commonly. If the guitar has a single output jack, there's a good chance it's wired for stereo output where the magnetic is accessed by a standard MONO guitar cable but you'd need a TRS cable to access the piezo as well.

        I am not sure if the builder of the guitar has designed or installed some kind of blending system or circuit.

        Can you open up the control cavity and send a picture of what's inside. I might be able to visually identify some features of the circuit if you can take a clear enough photo.

        I'd be interested in knowing things like how many wires lead to the output jack, what the three toggle switches do and what the 3-position knob you mentioned is.


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          The link to the instruction manual is useful, bu unfortunately there are no details of the pin-out connection on the four way connector. Is this information available? Three of the four pins are marked R C V on the component side of the PCB, C appears to be common to negative on the battery holder and the negative lands on the PCB, so I am not sure how the output jack socket switches the batter on.


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            Hi TC,

            We can assemble an output harness for that DAP system. That replacement is available for $25 including postage/handling.

            Otherwise, the pin-out are as follows: With the preamp turned so the components are up and the pins are facing you, from left to right, the assignment is SHIELD(ground), EMPTY, RING and TIP.
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