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    I've been watching the videos on the site and read the review in AG, but still have a few questions.

    How do I mount the pickup on my guitar? Are instructions available on the site? If so, I can't find them

    Do I need to use an Acoustic Amp or can I use my Electric amp?

    Can the M80 be easily moved from one guitar to another or is it too fragile for moving it around?

    Thanks in advance!!


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    Hi Hawkeye,
    First, thanks for joining the forum!
    There are "wings" on the (bottom side) edge of the pickup which allows it to clamp to the soundboard.

    At this point there are no instructions on the site.

    An acoustic amp or PA is always recommended because the frequency response enables them to capture the full range of frequencies produced by the acoustic guitar. You can use an electric amp but you will not get the best sound possible.

    Moving the pickup between guitars is pretty easy. Usually you will only need to loosen the string, but some guitars require the strings to be taken off. If it is permanently installed you will need an additional cable to run from the tail block to the pickup for each guitar.

    If you have any more questions feel free to respond.



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      Hello, new here also. I have an LB-6 in my guitar. I want to get the M80 also. My question is, when will the M80 be released? Sorry if I missed it in another post, I couldn't find it in the FAQ. Love LR Baggs stuff. Can't wait for the release date. Also, what will be the suggested list price?


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        Hi Mongo,
        We have been shipping the M80 for about a month now. Suggested retail is $359. If you haven't seen it, check out the video:
        The M80 Acoustic Guitar Soundhole Pickup's built-in 3D sensor captures more of your guitar's acoustic soul than any single pickup ever created.